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Blood Rose Series Book 3 - Jade's Choice (Coming Soon)

Unaware of the events around her, Jade awakens from her Blood Slumber as a newborn vampire and happily bound to Caleb. Unlike other newborns, she's calm, collected and totally in control of herself. Taking a gamble, Kalieigh and Elliot inform Jade of Alex and Caleb's current predictament. The pair race the clock to train Jade and mount a successful high risk rescue.

As the pair are recovering at Caleb's home, Jade quickly realizes that she is being drawn to both father and son, refusing to choose between the two of them. But will the pair force her to decide on one mate? Or will they be willing to share her?

That choice might be made for her though. Losing Alex and Caleb has enraged Quinn to the point of insanity and his focus is narrowed on the beautiful newborn. A showdown between Caleb, Alex and Quinn looms on the horizon, with Jade in the crossfire.

Death, Blood and Sex...

Will Jade's Choice be her first...AND her last?