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Personal Background

Ever since I was young, I have always been very creative. I can remember my parents telling me that I made the most interesting stories up. I loved to write, and create little fictional worlds inside my mind that now that I think about it, would have made a wonderful book or two.

I was born and raised in Victoria BC, Canada. I am the oldest of three children, having a younger brother and sister. I moved to Edmonton AB, after a failed attempt at moving to Orlando Florida (a story left for another time..). During the time I spent in Edmonton, I grew up and made my way on my own. I met a guy in late 2003, who would become my husband only a mere 18 months later. We welcomed our first child, a daughter in November of 2004. I went on to join my husband in the oilsands town of Fort McMurray AB, only 3 months after our wedding. We returned to Edmonton in 2007, to only leave yet again in the late summer of 2009. This time, the destination was a bit further away. We were driving to rejoin our daughter and my inlaws in Nova Scotia. We arrived in Oct 2009. We were handed a surprise not long after our arrival. My husband and I welcomed our second child, another daughter in February of 2010. This was a complete shock, but happy addition to our family.

Now with my family complete, I have decided to turn my focus to a career as an author. This website will showcase my journey along the way.